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The wonders of this very light have been made understandable to Meishu-sama as a gift from God. His divinely inspired teachings were born in the grand aim of saving the entire humanity.

Today, the spiritual aspect of culture is in full force and catching up with the physical. Soon both will be marching forward together in a balanced state towards the establishment of an ideal world: Heaven on Earth. In other words, balance is brought about as the spiritual emanations increasingly suffuse the physical realm. And thus, Jorei functions as a necessary means to channel Divine light.  In the everyday mundane world, Jorei’s benefits are obvious and abundant, and speak for themselves.

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Our Founder -- Meishu-Sama

Meishu-sama (the spiritual name of Mr. Mokichi Okada) founded our Jorei Organization on January 1, 1935 and his disciple, Mr. Kihara, continued this divinely inspired work in June, 1941 by establishing - with Meishu-sama's guidance - Shin Kenko Kyokai's original Center in Sasebo, Nagasaki.

          Jorei's avowed mission is to eliminate the root cause of spiritual impurities which results in strife, sickness and poverty, through, Meishu-sama's teachings and divine light (Jorei), thus creating a perfect world of health and abundance.

          Differing radically from ideas dating far back to the Dark Ages, Meishu-sama's teachings boldly herald the coming Age of Light. Since everything is charged with positive and negative energy, one day embraces both night and day and, one year, the profound seasonal distinction between summer and winter. Also included are night and day transformations that we do not easily perceive. These occur every ten, hundred, thousand, and ten thousand years. Our present transformation from night to day is playing out in the spiritual world on a grand scale of several thousands of years. We in the material world, living and being affected within this cycle, have long been mired in ths Dark Age, a most difficult era now drawing to a close. We finally entered the Age of Light.

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