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Natural Farming

Meishu-sama first advocated Natural Farming in the mid-1930’s. Since then, we have been practicing this safe, wholesome method of agricultural production for over 70 years. In essence, we simply maintain the soil’s purity and enhance its capabilities to promote growth without pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. Any produce grown and harvested under these ideal conditions will not only taste delicious, but prove to be highly nourishing because of its tremendous inner life force. Natural Farming is also earth-friendly and sustainable, and a perfect gift from us to the next generation. Anybody can practice this simple method, and as you practice, a variety of flora and fauna – growth that have disappeared from the land because of previously utilized chemicals – will return, so that is both gratifying and fun. We are now growing rice, tea, vegetables and other forms of produce in Japan, thus ensuring the health and happiness of consumers. Even allergy sufferers with Atopic Dermatitis and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity derived actual health benefits – and real improvement in their respective conditions – from our produce.

Thanks to Natural Farming, we can ensure the delivery of safe, healthy and delicious produce to your dining table.

“The principle of Natural Farming is to respect and love the soil while maintaining its purity. The soil then becomes happy and content and naturally supports the growth of healthy vegetation.” (An excerpt from an article by Meishu-sama)

The principle of Natural Farming resides in the fact that Mother Nature’s trees and grasses will grow vigorously by themselves and maintain their health without humanity’s help. In short, Natural Farming is based on respecting nature, learning from nature, and following nature.

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