Jorei Healing

What is Jorei?

“Jorei is a method to bring about happiness in one’s life.”

        (An excerpt from an article by Meishu-sama)

The practice of Jorei is our basic activity. Although it is done in a very simple manner by holding a hand up to emanate Light, countless people have been helped with their various life issues. The Light channeled through Meishu-sama serves to purify the recipient’s spirit, resulting in improved physical and spiritual health, the pre-requisite to an enduring state of happiness.

Jorei is a conduit to channel Divine Light through the spiritual connection one establishes with Meishu-sama via Initiation. Simply stated: As Divine Energy (or Divine Light) permeates a human body, it transforms into Trinity Light and radiates out of one’s palm. In Japanese, JO means to purify and REI means spirit or soul. At the beginning of a JOREI session, we ask Meishu-sama for an infusion of Divine Energy and, afterwards, we thank Him. Through Initiation, we secure the spiritual connection between Meishu-sama and ourselves so that we will be able to help others as His healing hands.

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Shin Kenko Kyokai’s objective is to create Heaven on Earth via the Natural Healing power of Jorei, Natural Farming, and the beauty of inspired Art.

 Shin Kenko Kyokai follows the teachings of its organizational founder, Meishu-sama.

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