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Jorei Healing

What is Jorei?

“Jorei is a method to bring about happiness in one’s life.”

        (An excerpt from an article by Meishu-sama)

The practice of Jorei is our basic activity. Although it is done in a very simple manner by holding a hand up to emanate Light, countless people have been helped with their various life issues. The Light channeled through Meishu-sama serves to purify the recipient’s spirit, resulting in improved physical and spiritual health, the pre-requisite to an enduring state of happiness.

Jorei is a conduit to channel Divine Light through the spiritual connection one establishes with Meishu-sama via Initiation. Simply stated: As Divine Energy (or Divine Light) permeates a human body, it transforms into Trinity Light and radiates out of one’s palm. In Japanese, JO means to purify and REI means spirit or soul. At the beginning of a JOREI session, we ask Meishu-sama for an infusion of Divine Energy and, afterwards, we thank Him. Through Initiation, we secure the spiritual connection between Meishu-sama and ourselves so that we will be able to help others as His healing hands.

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