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Art For Uplifting The Soul

Meishu-sama advocated art education as an uplifter and purifier of the soul via the high vibrational resonance of beautiful art. Art not only enriches culture, it also contributes to humankind’s evolution by beautifying our souls. In this way, the world as the collective expression of people vibrating at a higher frequency, will manifest heaven on earth.

As part of our “Spiritual Purification via Beauty” program, we opened a fine art museum, Seimei Kaikan, in 1987. In addition to the museum’s permanent exhibition, we have held special exhibitions for Japanese and European paintings, pottery, porcelain, all of which received great publicity.

Come and visit our Museum of Art at our Headquarters in Japan – an oasis for the soul!

     Japan, 〒813-0001 Fukuoka, Higashi Ward, Tonoharu, 6 Chome−7−1 ( 晴明会館 )

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