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God Is Righteous


God Is Righteous

          Needless to say, once again, God is righteous. However, I am going to write about this because ordinary people, not to mention ministers of religions and their believers, tend to forget about it. Well, our organization especially has placed an emphasis on righteousness and on doing good deeds, but that has not kept people from getting off track on rare occasions.  Sometimes they wander in the wrong direction. When this occurs, people always get a warning from God, and if they ignore it, they get severely punished by the Divine.

          Firstly, average believers are naturally and sincerely inspired by the virtues and miracles they receive in the beginning and they eagerly continue their faith. And, as it is a righteous faith, blessings are remarkable. Believers become naturally respected by many people and they become considerably blessed with good circumstances in life. As a matter of course, they should be grateful for God’s blessings, behaving even more modestly and do their utmost to repay their debts. But they are mere creatures of flesh! One will eventually get used to the blessings and become conceited, which leads one’s spirit to have an unguarded moment. And evil spirits are always waiting for that unguarded moment to take the occasion to step in and control the person. Then, the evil spirit will be able to freely command the person’s body, so you can imagine the scale of the danger. Moreover, evil spirits especially go for useful people full of spirit. However, if one is a true believer, then he is safe because evil spirits cannot reach that type of person. The evil spirits eventually give up. Yet, sometimes some of those people get caught and this is a quite disturbing occurrence.


          Nevertheless, this can be easily understood if we base it on the standard of whether one has self-love or not. God’s and humanity’s sake should be the fundamental principle and one has to move straight forward without emphasizing his personal interests. Indeed, evil spirits are powerless before such people. However, people begin to flatter themselves when things go well and start to think highly of themselves. Eventually, one’s ambition will grow and, because of that, the person will try to make himself look better than he actually is and will try to become powerful. This is quite disconcerting. And once the person gets to that stage, the evil spirit gets deeper inside the soul and finally occupies it. When it comes to great evil spirits, the spiritual force they exert is considerable. Of course, it is only a temporary spiritual power but it can sometimes cure diseases or even perform miracles. That is why one’s vanity is puffed up to the point that it makes the person think that he is the soul of a certain God and then that person actually behaves like some sort of living God. We have a lot of that type of living Gods in society. Most of the founders of new religions are like that. However, as they are not real Gods, sooner or later they will go to ruin. And I draw your attention to the fact that when you carefully watch the behavior of those founders and living Gods, you easily understand. The following observations are striking and stand out: the poorness of their love; their faith is Shojo (i.e. narrow minded) and very strict with lots of commandments; they say if one does not listen to them, one will be punished or that if one leaves the group or belief, one will be perish or one’s life would be in danger; and they try to hold people back from defecting from the group. In other words, it is a threatening faith. Therefore, if even an ounce of these elements is present, there would be no mistake in judging that those are evil spirits.

          As I always say, a righteous faith is Daijo (i.e. the broad view) and is based on freedom. The continuance of, or the estrangement from, belief should be free, as much as it is heavenly, bright and cheerful. On the contrary, rigorous and severe beliefs with commandments are malicious religions and hellish faith.  We especially have to pay attention to the fact that if there is anything you have to keep from others, if there is any secrecy you can assume that it is an evil spirit. A righteous faith has no secrets at all and is brightness personified.



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