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The Healing Power of Universal Energy


The key to solving all the problems of the world, countries and individuals, comes down to only one word: Makoto.


Political poverty comes from an impoverishment of Makoto.

Goods are lacking because Makoto is lacking.

Moral decadence also results from an absence of Makoto.

Social disorder occurs in a place where there is no Makoto.

Every revolting problem has its roots in the lack of Makoto. Without having Makoto as their heart, religions, sciences and arts would only be some empty shells.

Ah... Makoto it is… Makoto it is... Humans, the key for solving all problems lies only in the manifestation of Makoto.

January 25, 1948

NOTE: Makoto is Divine love shown by humans in thoughts, words and actions. Makoto is a very important concept in our organization. Meishu-sama‘s initial teaching is about Makoto. The dictionary definition of Makoto is sincerity, but its true meaning is much more than that. Makoto also means to make a sincere effort by the will of God.



Shin Kenko Kyokai’s objective is to create Heaven on Earth via the Natural Healing of Jorei, Natural Farming, and the High Vibrational Resonance of Inspired Art.

Shin Kenko Kyokai follows the teachings of its organizational founder, Meishu-Sama.

For over two decades since the 1930s, Meishu-Sama guided countless people into a healthy lifestyle that brought them newfound happiness. Our natural healing method, Jorei, helps us to cleanse both body and soul for the betterment of our physical and spiritual health. Our Natural Farming practice optimizes the soil’s power without the use of any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other agrochemicals to grow healthy, life-sustaining produce. We also stress the important role of every art form, since beauty purifies and uplifts. Our objective, after all, is to create a world brimming with truth, virtue, and beauty. This begins with each individual’s good health and inner contentment.

Put simply, the following three components are our practice’s vital trio of activities to eradicate sickness, poverty and conflict from our lives and to establish heaven here on earth:

*Jorei                    *Natural Farming                    *Art

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