Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I receive Jorei?

          There is no specific answer because we are all different. But unlike medicine or other treatments, you can receive as many sessions as you want. However, if you have a serious illness or condition, you will want to have Jorei frequently for you to notice the benefits more quickly.

How soon will I experience a change and have better health?

          Again, each person's experience is different. Some people experience an immediate change while others only do so after several sessions. Please do not prejudge Jorei after just one session!


          The suggested offering for a Jorei session is $10 for about 30 minutes. Some people offer more but it is up to you.



How much does a Jorei session cost?


Shin Kenko Kyokai’s objective is to create Heaven on Earth via the Natural Healing power of Jorei, Natural Farming, and the beauty of inspired Art.

 Shin Kenko Kyokai follows the teachings of its organizational founder, Meishu-sama.

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